Let’s face it, we’re on this ride called life and it’s not always the smoothest ride of them all. Between work drama, relationship issues and simply day-to-day mundane blah-ness, we could all use someone to talk to to guide us through those tough times and get us on the right path. With therapy costs through the roof and sometimes barely having time to shower, it can be difficult to find time to meet with a therapist or counselor. This is where online life coaching comes in!

With an online life coach, you have the freedom to have your sessions on your time, no matter where you are. You can speak to a relatable person who will be there to listen to you and guide you through your day-to-day quandaries as well as your life-changing moments. This stigma-free, judgement-free, loving environment will give you a safe space in which you can let loose, get advice, share big moments, stay on track to meet your goals and resolutions as well as create positive habits and a solid game plan for your future. 

Online life coaching is not the same as mental health counseling — I will not provide medication nor letters for pet support. I will not diagnose you, try to “cure” or “fix” you. When enrolling in an online life coaching subscription, you will be my client and my client only. You will not have to worry about being passed onto someone else nor worry that someone you don’t know or trust will be diving into your personal lives. I have quit my job to dedicate my time to my clients to help you become the versions of yourself in a healthy, easy-going way to ensure that you can live a guilt-free, toxic-free life. 

As a start-up business, I will be using and requiring clients to use the Signal - Private Messenger app which is available for both iOS and Android users. Signal - Private Messenger is one of the top secure messaging apps which allows us to communicate via text, calls and videos in privacy. I have no connections with the Signal - Private Messenger app, they are not sponsoring me or anything of that sort — they do not know I exist. After much research, Signal turned out to be the safest and most private app that there is at the moment. I will only be using Signal to ensure that all of your information, all of our conversations and everything that is sent back and forth will remain secure, safe and very private. Signal - Private Messenger uses an advanced end-to-end encryption to secure all the messages shared with other Signal users, according to Fossbytes. The easy-to-use app features highly encrypted voice calls, group chats and media transfer and can be used on any Chrome browser with its new Chrome browser plugin as well. 

I’m not looking to replace in-office therapy or online therapy, I’m simply looking to help you live a happier, healthier and guilt-free life. Everything between our sessions and conversations will remain confidential. I do not partner with any insurance companies or health providers, so you do not have to share the fact that you are doing these sessions with anyone. These sessions are safe, they will be ours and they will help achieve everyday happiness.

Unfortunately, I’m no longer taking clients in the meantime. Stay tuned and follow my on Instagram for updates on when I’ll be available to take on new clientele.