A Simple Gifting Guide

With the holidays around the corner — literally seven days away — the stress has officially kicked in. I’ve always loved the holidays, but the spending part always stresses me out. I always try to find a balance between a gift that’s unique, useful and inexpensive for people I care about the most, for others, I try to stick to things that are useful statement pieces. 

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that I’ve limited my shopping to ensure that I don’t spread myself too thin. I’ve also stopped buying obligatory gifts and solely shop for people I want to shop for. Sometimes we get wrapped up in the idea of what the holidays should be and end up doing things to please everyone but ourselves. Before getting into the guide, please know that if you do not want to shop for someone, you do not have to. If you feel like you’ll feel too too bad not shopping for someone, you can always opt for a handmade card and a a handmade dainty bracelet (yes, like the name ones we used to make in kindergarten). Now, let’s get into the gifts:

Tiye Johnson, a stunning writer, beautiful artist and the creator of Unit.30, is the brain behind these collages which make absolutely wonderful gifts. The collages speak to the culture while decorating your room, home, workspace, etc. in a tasteful way.  These are printed on lush photo paper and ready to be framed. Considering you’ll probably already late with the gift ordering, this one is worth expedited shipping.

Photo:  Extraflee

Photo: Extraflee

Extraflee, created by Marvin, captures everything we would love on clothing and brings it to life. I used to think patches were so corny, but I realized that I just hadn’t found ones that spoke to me until I found Extraflee. There’s something really special about packing these into a super cheesy holiday card for the ultimate surprise. Marvin is based out of New York City, so if you’re from elsewhere, this is another gift that’s worth expedited shipping. 

Creativholistic, a shop by Ayana the Oracle, carried affirmation decks for creatives, financial abundance and entrepreneurs which feature 21 mini activities that you can do while reciting the mantras. I’m a big fan of feeling like our best selves and truth be told, it’s hard to feel like a million bucks all the time. This gift could be useful for those tough days. 

For the beauty junkie in your lives, because there’s always one, I’m a sucker for beauty sets. I feel like on the surface this might seem like an easy gift route, but beauty sets are useful for trying new things without long term commitment. Also, who doesn’t love a to play with fun lippies, or try out some new skincare goodies from some of the most-talked about brands?

Photo:  @TiyeWrites

Journals, journals, journals .. and books. As an adult with a journal obsession, I find these to be amazing gifts. Having a journal, a chic one at that, is something that will come in handy and will be used for things like to-do lists, morning journaling and simply writing down that phone number your cable company wants you to call. If you decide to go the journal gift route, opt for some unconventional wrapping like burlap or newspaper to add that bit of umph. The School of Life has great journals as does Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

Photo:  Malin + Goetz

Candles! This is one of those gifts that’s extremely underrated. While it can be tricky to find a scent that suits someone else, opting for a candle gift is an inexpensive route. This may be a gift that your gift-receiver may not realize they’ll keep lighting when guests are due for dinner or when they need a little pick me up. Some of my favorite candles are these from Malin + Goetz, this one from Jo Malone, and just about anything Sweet Tobacco

Matcha has tons and tons of benefits and it’s also pretty tasty. Put your friends and family onto matcha and how great it is for their bodies. If they’re having a hard time buying it, this ceremonial grade matcha gift set from Urban Outfitters, is a great way to get them into it. Plus who doesn’t love a mini whisk? 

If you’re shopping for smaller gifts, such as stocking stuffers, places like Urban Outfitters, Sephora, TJ Maxx, Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s are stocked with these mini gifts which won’t take too much out of your wallet and won’t stress your brain out. Lastly, be sure to check out local boutiques, thrift stores and bakeries for gifts that you can bring to your holiday parties. Some of the shiniest gems are found at these low-key, tiny shops. Plus, it feels amazing to support local businesses. 

Well, there you have it, my 2018 holiday gift guide to keep you from stressing your heart out over shopping. Keep in mind, almost all of these gifts are under $50 and they’re meant to be more meaningful than flashy. Holidays should be about more than materialistic gifts and toning it down to gift your chosen ones something that’s heartfelt is the way to go (in my very humble opinion). Always remember, you are not obligated to buy anyone anything and you are not obligated to buy someone a gift that’s more than what you’re capable of spending on. Do not go in debt cause of Christmas. Keep it simple, be present with your friends and family and continue to be a stellar fucking friend. 

Have a beautiful holiday, my sweet readers. 

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