Playlist: First Time Edition

I hope you left your modesty at the door for this one because it’s about to get real. While this is a playlist, it also very much a mood, a memory, and a fantasy that I’m sure we all had (or at least had some derivative of). This month’s playlist is the one I think we all swore would have been magically playing from the midnight clouds during our first time. It features some of the greatest baby-making music from the 90s and early 00s. You know, the ones that we start gyrating to within the first 23 seconds of it coming on. Now I’m not too sure if non-PoC can relate as well but if you can, please let me know in the comments below! So without further ado, I’d like to formally introduce you all to the First Time playlist.

Before we start listening, let me break down this whole ass mood/fantasy for those who want to front like they don’t know what I’m talking about:

It’s a late night with candles lit all over the room, silk sheets on the bed, and for some reason in this teenage fantasy, we are all grown people with amazing bodies. It’s raining and the sound of the rain hitting the windows mixes in perfectly with the playlist (which is quiet yet audible). You both walk slowly and seductively to the California king sized bed where the foreplay begins. There’s slow and deep kissing while you simultaneously get each other out of wildly expensive clothes that you don’t remember buying. Your partner lays you down as they climb on top of you and you both start doing the damn thing. It’s slow, sensual, romantic, and it feels fucking amazing. This is all followed by naked spooning while you talk about your futures together.

Now here’s how it all really went down:

You cut class and went to whoever’s house had no adults in it. There were cotton sheets on the twin bed, the radio was broken, and it was bright as hell. The kisses were sloppy, all the moves you practiced didn’t look as good as it did in the music video. The sex wasn’t great and it ends before the second song in the playlist finishes. You rush to put your clothes back on and damn near run out of the house without even a hug goodbye.

.. or was this all just me? Who am I kidding, my first time was way worse than that. Cheers to the fantasy we (I) had while listening to Ginuwine, Usher, Janet, and Keith. You may rest peacefully now, fantasy.


I hope you had fun reading this and even more fun listening (and gyrating) to this month’s playlist.

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