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As far as advice posts, I will be highlighting the parts that I will be responding to, but I won't be doing intros to them because I want to make this about the readers. So let's get to it:

A.C.: I just read your post "advice: if you move house". 
Everything you share here on the blog and instagram touches my mind. It is good to read something that touches reality and that makes us feel that we are not alone in our own world.
I'm young and I feel lost in this world. I see my friends making all sorts of plans for the future and it leaves me a "bit alone" and nostalgic. I like to meet new people, but when we choose different paths in relation to our friends, friendships change and this makes me sad. I say this because I am a person who has a very different perspective from the world compared to my friends which makes me choose very different paths in relation to society. Yes, I live in a country where students have to follow all the same cycle according to society.
Could you post more posts on advice \ talk about aspects of life? Also, could you notify the people who subscribe the email on the blog when you public a new post?
Thank you Adelfa for giving me a few minutes of your attention. I apologize for my grammatical errors! How you must have repaired my native language is not English, but I'm improving.
Just one more thing, unfortunately you are target negative comments, but I wanted to remind you that you're fucking amazing!
I hope this email has not been a nuisance to you and that you have a phenomenal weekend.

A. Marr: First off, I'd like to thank you for your message. As I mentioned in my last advice post, I love getting these things because I truly love being able to help, if I'm capable, of course. I put this post under relationships because I think you're learning yourself, you're also learning about others and which relationships you might have to let go. I have to commend you on making life choices that differ from everyone around you, it shows extreme strength and willpower to separate yourself from the bunch (in this case, society and classmates) to ensure that you're doing things that make you happy. This is what makes you an individual. I definitely understand the loneliness, but as you get older, you get the perks of venturing off onto other parts of the city, country, world, etc., which means that you can meet other people with your very interests. You also live in an age of social media, where there is an entire world at your fingertips. Meeting people with similar interests is easier to do than it used to be. As you mentioned, you're still young, and I'm sure there are so many societal pressures that don't feel great, but give yourself some time to grow and give the world a chance to show you what it's got. You've got so much life ahead of you and in 15 years, the kids who are choosing the same path will be boring and you'll have forgotten them and moved onto bigger, better, more fulfilling things. 

Second, thank you for the compliment. I do have to say, the cowards leaving negative comments are not doing so to me directly, so I'm not phased. We all have choices, those who claim not to like me have the choice to leave my website, social media, online articles, etc. but they choose to do otherwise, meaning, they have a thing for me and they hate that they actually like me.  Also, those who tend to leave nasty comments about other people on social media or anywhere on the internet are toxic. I'm less phased about what they're doing than I am sad for them because they take precious time out of their lives and days to spew hateful things which is a surefire sign that their lives have very little meaning unless it involves making someone else feel bad or small. So once again, thank you for the compliment, I truly truly appreciate it but please don't ever think or worry that I care about what lowlives think about me. 

Lastly, you are never a nuisance. This message was great and I feel blessed to be able to share thoughts with someone who wants and/or needs them. Continue doing you, you got this. 

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