“I'm typically not into life coaching or the thought of someone drowning me in blind optimism. When I first stumbled on Adelfa's site, she talked about her own journey of being really unhappy and how she found a way out of that. Now, she wants to help others do the same. The way she communicated her story really connected with me, so I decided to give life coaching a try. I'm so glad I did. It would be a damn shame to have never met Adelfa. She's a complete badass that loves and supports me in the most genuine way. She's not blindly optimistic. She's empathetic and kind. She's invested and committed. Now when I find myself nervous in a situation, I just imagine Adelfa in the back cheering me on. The last few months have been really challenging, and my life is completely changing form. I'm so grateful that those things brought me to Adelfa and that she's been a rock in helping me navigate it all. If you're on the fence about life coaching, give Adelfa a chance. I can't vouch for other life coaching methods, but I can tell you that Adelfa will absolutely change your life for the better.”


“Adelfa is incredibly intuitive, an amazing listener, and highly pragmatic and has found her calling as a life coach. She assessed and offered a different view of my situation by talking through how to manage my current situations while pursuing a new ones. Adelfa sees the best in me and helps me to build a plan for how to put those strengths and passions together which has helped me feel whole again. She has not only been an amazing life coach but also a caring mentor, and the strategies and lessons she has provided have inspired and motivated me to live a life in congruency with my values and passions and living my best life. I’m beyond grateful to be working with Adelfa and look forward to the future and building our relationship. Adelfa is truly one-of-a-kind in my book, and I highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking for an intuitive, sincere, and deeply passionate life coach to transform their life and be the best version of yourself.”


“Working with Adelfa has been a dream. I've worked with other life coaches in the past, but have never connected with anyone until I started working with Adelfa. Her ability to communicate, provide guidance and support in a professional, but a REAL and meaningful way makes all the difference. To have someone to partner with to help put together life strategies that make sense and are doable means that I can finally work through the limitations that keep me from being my true self, in both my professional and personal worlds. I would highly recommend working with Adelfa to help develop and achieve ultimate goals.”


“I would 100% recommend Adelfa as a life coach. She has helped me progress in my life in such on immense scale , essentially helped me completely turn my life around. We have worked through deep rooted issues and trauma that I’ve carried for 15+ years. I’m a much happier person and my relationships are thriving and can’t wait to continue with her!”


“My time with Adelfa has been life-changing. I walked into the consultation never having sought any life-coaching service before and wasn’t sure what to expect. But it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made; she is communicative, respectful, honest, and has so much heart. No bull! Very intentional and meets you where you’re at, giving the right amount of push and challenge you need to meet the goals you may have. A companion I now can’t imagine living without!”


“After a few bad experiences with life coaches whose primary focus was in telling me how terrible my life was instead of teaching me how to improve my life, I was initially very skeptical in reaching out to Adelfa for help. After the urging of a friend, I reached out when I saw that Adelfa had a few openings online! We immediately hit it off after the initial (free) consultation and I signed up to work with her immediately after! BEST, most accessible Life Coach I’ve ever had! She has so many different check points throughout the week so that you’re sure to be able to work towards your goals in small, meaningful steps every day. Adelfa is so incredibly kind and gracious in her approach to her work with you and will never make you feel less than in working with you. In the few months that her and I have been working together, I’ve moved out of a really terrible living situation, bought my own, first car, set up a new apartment with her help and her valuable advice, and have almost completely worked through my complex surrounding eating food. The impact that her piecemeal form of life coaching has had on my life has been so invaluable to me, personally. Really feel so privileged to know Adelfa and have her as my Life Coach in general.”